Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii has so much you will want to see, that you should stay as long as you can. If you live in an urban city, this is the place to visit. You can get here either by Air Canada, Pacific Coastal airlines, or BC Ferries. However you choose plan on a 2 hour flight, or a 7 hour ferry ride. It will feel like time stands still once you arrive, it is so peaceful, and the slower pace will be good for your soul. Be warned that you may want to extend your stay, or start planning your next move!!!

There are many resources out there for information on the Islands. The best website that has the most information is Go Haida Gwaii. Have a look around this site and start planning!

Must see recommendations:

  • Pesuta ship wreck, forest hike to the beach with sandy bluffs, and breathtaking views along the way. The hike takes 2 hours each way, and make sure you go at a lower tide.
  • Tow Hill at Masset, is approximately a 2 hour drive from Queen Charlotte. Expect dirt roads for the last part of the trip, about 40 mins. There are forest hikes, and lookouts to the sandy beaches, and a long walk on the sandy beaches.
  • Rennel Sound has several beautiful beaches with short hikes from your vehicle. This is a bit of a drive on dirt roads, but worth it in the end. Make sure you have instructions of where to go before you leave. The Visitors Centre will help you on your way.
  • The Haida Heritage Centre is highly recommended. This world class tourist attraction will not disappoint! You will walk through a carving shed, the performing house, a bistro, a gift shop, the current art show, and a museum full of the most incredible display of Haida First Nations Art. Make time to see this.
  • Kayaking locally is pleasant as the bay in Queen Charlotte is nicely tucked in from a lot of wind. You can paddle around in relatively calm waters.
  • The Farmers Market has lots of healthy goodies for the growing season, and you may find some freshly made sour dough bread, yum!
  • If you wish to venture to Sandspit and onto more dirt roads, yes you have to endure the dirt roads to get to a very special place. Gray Bay has very special beaches, and hiking about that will take your breath away. A little bit of a drive, and make sure you know where you are going, get good directions.

Queen Charlotte Bay

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